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UxPRINT is changing the way the decorating industry thinks about promotional weight shirts. Our US150 series of garments look, feel, and print like a high quality 30/1 shirt giving you and your customer the BEST printing experience. An incredible shirt at incredible savings.


"The US150 is a great shirt.  It has a soft, buttery feel, the sizes run true, and the grain of the knit runs perfectly straight. As a decorator, these shirts are wonderful to work with. The quality is 100%. I have printed hundreds and have never seen a single flaw. The best part is how the prints are smooth on the fabric. Fibers do not lift up, which can create a rough texture and there are never little fabric balls that get stuck to the underside of the screen. This product is a total win for price, quality, service and delivery time. I could not be happier."


We often get asked about how the UxPrint shirts wash and wear. Obviously the RECOMMENDED wash and dry instructions are wash normally and dry on tumble dry or hang dry. But WE know that most Americans don't do that. So, we did what might be considered a "bad case" scenario - HOT water wash and 60 minutes on a HOT dryer setting. We took a higher priced ("better quality") shirt and washed it in comparison to our US-150. See below for the results.

US-150 Promotional T-Shirt

The US-150 is our BEST promotional weight t-shirt designed specifically to be extremely soft, give incredible prints, and be very price conscious. Available in BLACK and WHITE, these are direct to the customer from the mill!


  • 145gsm +/- 5% gram
  • 100% Carded Cotton that looks and feels like 30/1 Ringspun
  • Single Jersey Knit
  • Tubular Construction
  • Tear Away Label
  • Seams: Shoulder-to-Shoulder
  • Light Enzyme Treatment
  • Color Fastness Grade 4 Minimum