Wash and Dry Comparison for the UxPrint T-Shirt

UxPRINT Wash & Dry Comparison

Almost everyone who first touches and feels the UxPrint US-150 garments are amazed at how soft they feel and how well they print. But then we get asked about how the UxPrint shirts wash and wear. So, we decided to make it visually easy to see what happens when they are washed. Obviously the RECOMMENDED wash and dry instructions are to wash with cold water on a gentle cycle and dry on tumble dry or hang dry. But WE know that most Americans don't do that.

In our comparison case we put both shirts through what might be considered a "bad case" scenario - HOT water wash and 60 minutes on a HOT dryer setting. We took the higher priced  ("better quality") shirt and the UxPrint and washed them together for a comparison.

As you can see in the image at below, the left hand side shows our BLACK UxPrint US-150 shirt. On top of the UxPrint is a "Favorite" comparable garment that is "higher" in quality (and also approximate $.50 high in price even when on sale). The RIGHT side of the image is post washing and drying. We washed both shirts in HOT water with a dryer setting VERY DRY - which was approximately 60 minutes long at HIGH temperature. 

UxPrint Wash and Dry Comparison to Higher Quality T-Shirt

The final wash and dry results show after washing and drying the UxPrint t-shirt holds the post washing and drying sizing correctly. The US-150 garment is as good or better than the "COMPARABLE" shirt that is supposed to be a "higher quality" garment. There is virtually NO difference in final the sizing after the wash/dry cycle between the comparable shirt and the UxPrint garment. 

Obviously the Sleeve of the "COMPARABLE" shirt has a more "boxy" cut and the UxPrint has a more form fitted sleeve. Outside of the sleeve, the only real difference you would notice with the UxPrint garment is the length (top to bottom) of the shirt is slightly longer pre-wash to compensate after washing & drying (besides the incredible soft feel of these shirts!). 

The RECOMMENDED wash and dry procedures for UxPrint (and really ANY garment) is to wash on cold (gentle) and either HANG DRY or tumble dry until slightly damp and then hang dry. The harshest treatment is to throw your t-shirt into a dryer set as hot as you can. This will absolutely shorten the life of the shirt. And, as always, turn your garments inside out if they are decorated to reduce friction on the garment decorating portion of your shirt.

If you haven't yet tried the UxPrint you can get a FREE sample by clicking on this LINK. We appreciate our customers, their inputs, and look forward to building a new era for garment decorators with the release of our new UxPrint series of promotional shirts!

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